The campaign to Shut Down Detention Centres is supported by

Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary,

SOAS Detainee Support (SDS),

All African Women’s Group,

Sisters Uncut,

Anti Raids Network,

No Borders Women and Non-binary folk,

Brighton Migrant Solidarity, Shake! – Young Voices in Arts, Media, Race & Power,

Detained Voices,

Close the Verne,

Close Campsfield Campaign,

Shut Down Morton Hall,

Manchester Migrant Solidarity,

South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group,

Leeds No Borders,

We Will Rise,

The Unity Centre,

No Borders Iceland,

Black Women’s Rape Action Project,

Anarchist Group of Amsterdam,

No Borders Sussex,

Sisters Uncut,

Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary,

Getting The Voice Out,

Faites Votre Jeu!,

No Borders Frankfurt,

No One Is Illegal Stockholm,

Borderline-Europe ,

Barbed Wire Britain 

Migrant Rights Network,

Right to Remain 

Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants

No Deportations-Residence Papers for All

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Welcome to Hungary

City of Sanctuary

Aktion Mot Deportation

SOS Racismo Madrid

All African Women’s Group


Women Against Rape

Women of Colour in Global Women’s Strike

Fight Racism Fight Imperialism

Edinburgh Migrants Solidarity Network


Women Asylum Seekers Together

Orfanotrofeio housing squat for migrants